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Literacy Intervention

Supporting children with reading and writing difficulties to get back on track!

Explicit and
Systematic Lessons

The globally renowned and recognised "Sounds-Write" program uses an explicit and systematic phonics approach that addresses gaps in knowledge and helps children to overcome a range of literacy challenges.


Has your child fallen behind in reading, writing, and/or spelling? We will conduct a comprehensive literacy assessment as part your support package. This will provide detailed and specific information about areas to target support, and allow us to develop a tailored program for them.

Evidence-based -
Yes, it actually works!

The "Sounds-Write" program has a strong body of research evidence supporting it's efficacy and has produced remarkable results for children who have fallen behind academically. "Sounds-Write" has proven to be effective for children both with and without Specific Learning Disorders.

What is The Sounds-Write Program?

Has your child fallen behind in reading, writing, or spelling at school? Have you tried various approaches to tutoring but nothing seems to help?

To target literacy challenges, an explicit, systematic, and evidence-based intervention is imperative. This type of approach will:

a) discover, through assessment, the specific gaps in knowledge a child may have, and identify the exact areas in which intervention is required;

b) offer a tailored and individualised support plan for targeting identified difficulties.

Sound-Write is a systematic phonics approach supported through years of research. It is backed by a substantial body of evidence highlighting its effectiveness. Sound-Write is used widely across the world, particularly in the United Kingdom and Australia, to help struggling students get back on track with their literacy!

Why is Intervention Important?

Early identification of literacy challenges is of the utmost importance. Evidence has shown that early intervention is imperative for supporting students who have fallen behind academically. Not only are reading, writing, and spelling key skills that children will use throughout their schooling careers and beyond, they are core skills needed for positive learning experiences and motivation.

By providing intervention early, we can identify and support children who may experience these difficulties, and help them to reach their full potential.

Sound-Write Learning Support Packages

What do your learning support packages include?
Our learning support packages are offered during the school term and run for 9 weeks.

  • Sounds-Write sessions are delivered by our Clinical Psychologist, Christy, in a 1-1 format. Christy is also a Registered Teacher and recognised Sounds-Write Practitioner, and brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge in this area.
Our literacy support packages also include:

  • A discovery phone call with Christy to discuss the nature of your child’s literacy challenges, as well as any concerns/questions you may have.
  • A parent information/empowerment session delivered online via zoom to outline the Sounds-Write approach and empower you to support your child.
  • comprehensive literacy assessment to identify key targets for intervention and inform a tailored program for your child.
  • 8x individualised weekly sessions across the term. Sessions are delivered to both parents and children. These involve 30 minutes of explicit teaching to allow for maximum engagement and reduce cognitive fatigue. Research has shown that ~30 minute lessons are optimal to maximise learning. Christy will also dedicate additional time each week to individualised session planning, further assessment, note-making, and homework planning for your child.
  • “Parent coaching” and home learning tasks outlined with materials provided to ensure repetition and consolidation of key learnings. It is imperative that children with literacy difficulties have the opportunity to practise new learnings multiple times a week at home!
  • Before and after school time-slots available

Support Package Costs

How much does A Sounds-Write Literacy Support Package Cost?
  • Packages are booked and paid for on a term-by-term basis.

1 term (9 weeks) – $980

This includes:

  • An intake phone interview with your facilitator, to discuss the nature of your child’s literacy challenges
  • A parent information/empowerment session
  • A comprehensive literacy assessment to identify key targets for intervention
  • 8x weekly tailored lessons
  • Homework schedule and materials provided

*Our next program will commence in Term 1, January 2024.

*Due to the highly tailored and bespoke nature of this service, spaces are very limited. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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