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Giftedness Assessment

Support your child to reach their full potential

Nurture their potential

Better understand your child's intellectual and academic capabilities, including areas of strength and weakness.

tailored recommendations

Be provided with specific recommendations for home, school, and external programs, to support your child's talent and help them reach their full potential.


Make informed decisions about your child's learning needs. Identify areas of strength and areas of need, based on comprehensive testing procedures and results.

What is a giftedness assessment?

Does your child complain about being bored or frustrated in class but is easily able to complete work? Do they enjoy taking on more advanced tasks than their peers? If so, they might be showing signs of intellectual giftedness.

A giftedness assessment is a comprehensive assessment to identify whether a child is within the gifted range of ability. This is demonstrated as having exceptional intellectual capabilities significantly beyond their peers, as measured by standardised tests.

Why is Giftedness Assessment Important?

 Early identification of giftedness is important. Not only can it help inform specific recommendations for ways to support your child to reach their full potential, it can also help children improve their learning experiences and motivation.

In addition, some challenges that may arise for gifted children include:

– Gifted children may experience anxiety, perfectionism, or low self-esteem 

– Fail to learn self-motivation and resilience as things come naturally to them

– Underachieve, disengage, misbehave, or show a lack of interest if tasks fail to motivate them.

Be identifying giftedness early, we can identify and support children who may experience these difficulties, and support gifted children to reach their full potential.

What Does Giftedness Assessment Involve

Academic Achievement Testing (WIATT-III)

Comprehensive academic achievement testing, specifically aimed at evaluating key academic areas (reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, oral language) in comparison to population averages. This is a validated diagnostic tool, and different to assessments taken at school. This will also help to establish both academic strengths and areas of need.

Intellectual Ability (IQ) And Functioning Assessment (WISC-V)

Assessment of cognitive functioning that will reveal strengths and/or needs in areas of Processing speed, Auditory processing, Verbal processing, Non-verbal processing, Fluid reasoning and Working memory.

Additional Rating Scales

These tools assess for certain characteristics and qualities that set gifted children apart, including, intellect, academic ability, motivation, creativity, leadership, and artistic talent.

Other areas for screening at the time of assessment are behavioural, emotional, and mental health functioning. A series of questionnaires will be sent to parents/guardians and teachers for collateral information.

How many appointments are required?

Session One

Intake Session with Parent/Guardian (1 hour)

Session Two
Rapport building and assessment session 1 (approximately 2 hours)
Session Three

Assessment session 2 (approximately 3 hours)

Session Four

Feedback Session with Parent/Guardian (1 hour)

*In rare instances, additional time may be required during rapport building, testing, or feedback phases for more complex cases.

Written Report

You will receive a comprehensive written report based on our clinician’s findings. Compiling collateral information as well as assessment scoring, interpretation, and report writing is a time intensive process. Our psychologist requires up to three weeks to complete your assessment report.

Fees and Rebates

At the Psychology Education and Family Centre, we believe in providing affordable services for our clients. The current Australian Psychological Society’s Recommended Fee for seeing a Psychologist is $300 per 46-60mins.

Our Clinical Psychologist’s assessment fee is $214.41 per hour (50 minute session + 10 minutes administrative time).

The cost of assessment will include all of your face-to-face appointments, assessment scoring, interpretation, report writing hours, a comprehensive personalised report, as well as time spent liaising with school and health professionals where required.

How much will a giftedness assessment cost?

Your assessment cost will be based on approximately 10 billable hours (inclusive of all face to face sessions, collateral gathering, scoring, interpretation, and report writing). 

You will be provided with a formal quote following your initial intake session. 

What is the process for payment? 

You will be requested to pay a non-refundable deposit of $214.41 at the time of booking, to secure your appointment. This will deducted from the cost of your services. Following your initial intake assessment, a quote will be provided for the total amount of your full assessment. If you wish to proceed, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be charged prior to assessment. A final invoice for remaining payment will be issued following the assessment session(s) before receiving your report. Reports will not be provided until full payment is made.

Do I need a referral to see a psychologist for a Giftedness assessment? 

No, you will see a psychologist as a privately paying client.


*Medicare Rebates generally do not apply to Giftedness assessments.

*Most private health insurance policies with ‘extras’ cover will offer varied rebates on psychology fees.  Please contact your provider for further information. The Private Health Code For Assessment is “100.”


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